3D Paintings


We do not owe them money, They owe us our lives…11 World Banknotes show The Real Debt that Governments owe to the people.Uncounted Deaths in the name of GOD & POWER and more to come…Acrylic Canvas on Aluminium

Pop Art wrinkled aluminium 2mX1m

Poveglia Island Venice NEL 2017 I VENEZIANI DEL MONDO HANNO RACCOLTO PER POVEGLIA 488.826.81 EURO (acrylic canvas on 2mX1m aluminium)

Smilling Dollar, Money can’t buy me love,,,Your smile can
Dollar Art Installation 250cmX100cm, 7.000 screws, oil paint, varnish on black wood panel

Random 3D paintings

Elvis Presley is Dead newspaper frontpage